How to add photo frames online

The difference between using the online photo editor and a photo editing program installed on your computer to edit a photo is huge. Starting with the fact that you don’t need to install anything on your computer, let alone have to pay for the program. Online photo editing services have come to radically facilitate the creation of photo montages. Having access to any computer with internet access, you can edit your photos easily.

Photo editors like photo montage editor use preset technology to automate various tasks. That’s because the available templates are already defined, you just need to follow the easy and intuitive steps.

Learn how to add photo frames online quickly and easily without having to install programs on your computer. To do this, we are going to consider using one of the many websites that not only provide the frames, but the entire system that will allow us to apply the frame to the photo. If you don’t have previous knowledge about photo editing, don’t worry, everything happens very easily.

Choose the frame you want to add

In the first step, all you need to do is go to the photo montage website, click on the “Photo Frames” menu. The latest models added will be loaded. You can choose which frame you want to use by selecting by theme.
Among the available categories are children’s, romantic, nature, commemorative dates, etc. Click on the desired frame to select it. Wait a few seconds until the frame is fully charged.

Send your picture

In the frame, inside the area intended for photography, click on the “Add photo” icon, as shown in the image above. By clicking on the icon, your operating system wizard will open, navigate to the folder where the photo you want to use is stored and select it.
In cases where the frame consists of more than one photo, the process must be repeated until all the spaces are filled.

Make the necessary adjustments


When uploading your photo, the website system will take care of making all the adjustments to center the photo in the proper space, however, on certain occasions it is necessary to make a manual adjustment. To do this, just use the controls that are on the edges of the image, just click and drag the points until the photo is properly fitted within the frame area.
At the top, note that one of the points is located above the photo, use this point to rotate the image.

Add texts

With the photo already properly adjusted in the frame, the editor will give us the option to add texts. To do this, simply click on the “Add Text” menu. When adding text, double-click on the added text, then edit as desired.
To format the added text, use the floating toolbox. You can customize the font, change the color, align it, set the style to underline, italic or bold; set text size on slider, adjust line height and letter spacing.
It is also possible to add and customize the outline, apply shadows and configure the background color of the text. All this can be done intuitively and easily.

Add shapes and stickers

Another very interesting feature available in the editor is the possibility of adding stickers. By clicking on “Add shape” you will have access to the various stickers available, distributed in categories. Just select the desired category, then the figures belonging to the chosen category will be loaded. By clicking on the picture, it will be instantly added to your photo montage.
You just need to position the figure wherever you want, just use the points located at the ends of the figure.

Save your frame to your computer

The finishing process is very simple and intuitive. Basically, all you need to do is click on the “Save” button, located at the top right of the editing area, then simply select a destination folder, name your frame and finish by clicking “Save”, in the operating system window.


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